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Diesel generators and trucks to use green ammonia fuel.

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 17, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — A commercial demonstration of diesel fuelled generators and trucks converted to run on greener ammonia (NH3) fuel will be announced at the 1st National Hydrogen Mobility Innovation Conference in Mississauga, Ontario, on June 18, 2019.

Toronto, Ontario-based TFX International SPECIALIZED VEHICLE TRANSPORT will provide two diesel fuelled generators and transport trucks to be converted to use Hydrofuel® ammonia fuel over three years.

Mississauga, Ontario-based Hydrofuel Inc.’s Ammonia Solutions© aftermarket multi-fuels engine retrofit systems will be used for a low emission combination of diesel and ammonia fuel, and zero emission hydrogen oxygen assisted NH3 fuel.


be converted to Hydrofuel®™ ammonia fuel with Ammonia Solutions©

Fuel and electricity savings from the $2 million project are expected to cover most of the engine conversion, operating, and ammonia fuelling and infrastructure costs, at a small fraction of the cost of using hydrogen fuel.

The upcoming industry-lead three year $15 million AZETEC (Alberta Zero-Emissions Truck Electrification Collaboration) project will design and manufacture of two heavy duty hydrogen fuel cell electric hybrid trucks to move freight between Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta.

The 20 diesel buses converted to hydrogen to run from Vancouver to Whistler for the 2010 Winter Olympics $90 million were converted back to diesel fuel after.

Several ammonia and energy life-cycle production and utilization studies by Hydrofuel Inc. the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) in Oshawa, Ontario, have been published in multiple peer-reviewed journals, the AIChE, and in the 5,540 page compendium “Comprehensive Energy Systems”.

According to Hydrofuel Inc. chairman Greg Vezina, “NH3 is the most environmentally benign fuel when compared with gasoline, gaseous or liquid hydrogen, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel, compressed natural gas, electric (where electricity is created from fossil-fuels) and hybrid electric vehicles”.

The US Department of Energy ARPA-E (Advanced Research Project Agency) has demonstrated that ammonia is already the lowest-cost, proven technology for long-term, large-scale energy storage for longer than one day.

Aggressive implementation of NH3-fueled vehicles replacing light duty gasoline vehicles in the US could eliminate 96% or approximately 718 million metric tons of the annual LDV CO2 emissions projected in 2040.

The Japan Institute of Energy Economics (IEEJ) has concluded to use ammonia fuel for electrical power generating could reduce total CO2 emissions by 80% in 2050.

In Denmark a 75 unit offshore wind-to-ammonia generating station will store ammonia in either internal or in seabed tanks using water pressure to keep the fuel liquid, with each hub to potentially supply 65 large ocean going vessels per day.

There are dozens of ammonia energy projects worldwide including fuel cells generating power for cell towers in Africa, ammonia-electric hybrid buses in China, NH3 cars in Korea, ammonia marine engines in Germany, and NH3 storage and transport to fuelling stations of hydrogen used for H2 vehicles in Australia.

Green ammonia is being produced from renewable energy in the UK, US, EU, and Japan where they also make NH3 from plastic and municipal waste.

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About CUTRIC National Hydrogen Mobility Innovation Conference:
The Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) 1st National Hydrogen Mobility Innovation Conference is in Mississauga from June 17-18, 2019.