NH3 Fuel Safety


NH3 Safety

Safety NH3 has an extensive, proven record of acceptably safe use. In addition, two very credible studies have shown that NH3 would be safer than propane and as safe as gasoline when used as a transportation fuel. There are many misconceptions surrounding the safety of NH3 and providing credible, factual data on this topic is very important and a key goal of the NH3 Fuel Association.

Some facts regarding the safety of NH3:

  • NH3 is a weak base and is easily neutralized with weak acids such as citric and acetic acids
  • NH3 has a much better safety record (e.g. loss of lives) compared to gasoline, propane and natural gas
  • Zero carbon, no resultant Greenhouse Gases (GHG) on combustion
  • If released in an accident, NH3 is very difficult to ignite, is lighter than air (dissipates upwards), and its odor alerts
  •  NH3 is not a Greenhouse Gas (GHG)
  • Will not damage the ozone layer