Saudi Backs NH3 transportation

Saudi Aramco Backs Brooklyn Ammonia Startup
ALEX KOYFMAN / FEB 23, 2023Saudi Aramco Backs Brooklyn Ammonia StartupDear Reader,Several weeks ago I wrote to you about a startup in Brooklyn, New York, called Amogy, which built the world’s first fully functional semi truck to run on ammonia fuel.
amogyTo some it was a science experiment. To some it was a proof of concept. To the world’s biggest oil company — the $1.8 trillion-market-cap behemoth with $580 billion in annual revenues, Saudi Aramco — it turned out to be a reason to get out the checkbook. As of early February, Saudi Arabia’s namesake oil company officially became a financial backer of Amogy. For investors across the world, this should be a huge bullhorn signaling a fundamental change in direction for the energy industry. So what’s all the fuss about?Ammonia fuel is a high-powered, zero-emission alternative to traditional fossil fuels. In the 1960s, it powered the X-15 rocket plane to record speeds and altitudes — records that still stand to this day.x15It has a high-octane rating of 120, which means it will run well in most modern high-compression automotive engines.And with minor modifications, any standard ICE engine will burn it efficiently, as demonstrated by Amogy’s semi. The only thing that will come out of the tailpipe is water vapor, and traces of nitrogen.America’s $625 Billion “Storage War”Surging e-commerce sales have sparked a massive corporate battle for warehouse storage space.Three “landlords” are collecting millions of dollars from some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies…And sending a dedicated cut of it directly to investors like you and me every single month.Here’s how you could start collecting your first payment in the next 30 days.Zero Carbon Is Only the BeginningSo why isn’t the whole world running on this stuff by now? The answer is simple.The traditional method for producing artificial ammonia, called the Haber-Bosch process, is itself a dirty and energy-inefficient endeavor. Because of this single limitation, 90% of the global ammonia market up to this point was accounted for by the agricultural industry, with ammonia as a fuel hardly registering on the radar. Thanks to a recent development, however, that entire paradigm is changing. Innovations made by one particular Vancouver-based company have now made it possible to create clean ammonia fuel from nothing more than air, water, and electricity.The process, like the resulting fuel, is highly efficient and carbon neutral. This one puzzle piece falling into place has opened the door to a systemic shift in the way we create and manage our energy. Liquid Batteries?Ammonia fuel can now be used to transform our existing vehicle fleets — including the very car you drive every day — into zero-emission vehicles.It can be used to convert the world’s cargo shipping fleets from marine diesel, and it can give these ships theoretically infinite ranges with the implementation of portable onboard ammonia generation facilities. Ammonia itself, because it requires only the most basic raw materials, can be used as a liquid energy storage medium for renewable energy generation plants. A Car That Can Power Your Home?This is more than just a car…It’s your very own personal energy generator on wheels.It can run your power tools and even your home in the event of a power outage.Better still, it charges itself as it drives down the highway!But you need to act soon: This car is already taking the world by storm with over 16,700 orders… and it’s not even out on the streets yet.Find out how you can get in on this self-charging vehicle here.Excess electricity can be turned into ammonia for storage and then turned back into electricity via ammonia-burning generators when demand calls for it. Just a few years ago, all of these ideas were science fiction-level concepts — great to entertain the mind, but completely unrealistic when it came to execution. Today… Well, today we have Saudi Aramco making investments in an ammonia startup, which should tell you everything you need to know. The Vancouver-based company I mentioned earlier is also a development-stage company.
It’s principal product, a portable, stackable ammonia generation device about the size of a refrigerator, is already entering commercialization.The proprietary technology behind it all could be worth billions of dollars, even tens of billions, in short order. Fractions of a Penny on the DollarToday its market capitalization is only in the tens of millions of dollars. Unlike most companies at this stage of development, however, there is an opportunity here for retail investors… because this stock is already public. For now, things are quiet, but if you look at the rate of new ammonia fuel headlines in the press, you’ll see that this story is finally picking up steam. Want to learn more about it?My colleague Keith Kohl — investment director of our biggest premium financial newsletter, Technology and Opportunity — recently published an in-depth video presentation on the topic in which he goes into all the details of the ammonia fuel trend and the best ways to take advantage. He’s isolated two key plays in the sector, including the company I briefly mentioned above. Whether you’re risk-averse or risk-seeking, there is something of true value for you here. Check out his video now and find out how you can climb on at the ground floor right now.Fortune favors the bold,alex koyfman SignatureAlex KoyfmanCheck us out on YouTube!His flagship service, Microcap Insider, provides market-beating insights into some of the fastest moving, highest profit-potential companies available for public trading on the U.S. and Canadian exchanges. With more than 5 years of track record to back it up, Microcap Insider is the choice for the growth-minded investor. Alex contributes his thoughts and insights regularly to Wealth Daily. To learn more about Alex, click here.FEEDBACK? GET IN TOUCHREAD THIS EMAIL ONLINEMANAGE NEWSLETTERSSHARE ON TWITTER
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