Roger Gordon should be recognized as both the Environmentalist of the Decade and be honoured with the Order of Canada. Roger’s NH3 Synthesizer is the most effective technology in the world in attacking the pollution of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. Already, eleven foreign countries are spending millions of dollars in research to develop what Roger has already patented. Those other countries are establishing the foundation to develop an NH3 transportation infrastructure.
Recently, a TV station from Berlin Germany sent a reporter and camera crew to evaluate if Roger’s NH3 system will in fact ‘create a fuel out of thin air’. http://www.nh3fuels.com/roger-gordon-video-germany/

The truly sad part of it all is that CANADA does not have any idea of ‘what the future will hold’ with NH3 fuel. Roger is faced with the reality of having to have a manufacturing operation established in China, India or Korea.

Thank you. David Maxwell